Gasline Monthly E-zine

February 2022 - Gasline 163


  • Decarbonising LPG
  • Piped Gas snetwork Charges Consultation
  • Maui Project Completed Safely And In Record Time
  • US Research Not Applicable In NZ

January 2022 - Gasline 162


  • Decarbonising LPG for a greener New Zealand
  • Major Hazard Facilities fees - Future levies and surplus
  • Training material
  • Progress on Dunedin Council Appeal for LPG Consents
  • Better gas services and fewer outages says Commission

November/December 2021 - Gasline 161


  • Welcome to new LPGA President Ben Gerritsen
  • Farewell to Peter Gilbert
  • LPG Regulation Changes
  • Gasfitter apprenticeships going strong
  • Emissions Reduction Plan and Gas NZ
  • Kevin Daly Lifetime Member

October 2021 - Gasline 160


  • Powerco Welcomes James Kilty
  • US City Turns On Renewable Gas For Cars
  • Increasing Māui pipeline resilience
  • Thank you Future Sure Partners
  • Having a say to shape emission reduction plan

September 2021 - Gasline 159


  • Introducing New Industry Chief Executive
  • Gas Forum Postponed
  • New International Renewable Gas Projects Confirmed
  • New Hydrogen Research Cranking Up
  • Recognising The Importance Of Gas

August 2021 - Gasline 158


  • Aussie firm to produce green LNG from hydrogen and captured CO2
  • Genesis's first electric truck helps drive decarbonisation
  • UK to host world's biggest bio-CNG filling station
  • Expanding LPG technology as a clean fuel alternative
  • CarbonFree has developed a means of mineralising emissions

July 2021 - Gasline 157


  • Study reveals NZ’s renewable gas could offset half of residential gas emissions today
  • Info for business and government to explore emissions reductions options
  • Dutch Government subsidises planned CCS project
  • IEA net-zero roadmap
  • “Biomethane is the best solution right now”

June 2021 - Gasline 156


  • Use farm, metro waste for green LPG
  • Government commits to national energy strategy
  • Gas Industry Company: Methanex, gas critical toenergy transition
  • Gas energy is here to stay – gas industry launchesFuture Sure campaign
  • EnergyAustralia okays net-zero hybrid power plant
  • GasNZ Forum update

May 2021 - Gasline 155


  • Energy transition or energy collapse?
  • Researchers developed technology for turningcarbon dioxide into concrete
  • Engie to build first biogas-to-grid unit in the UK
  • Greater clarity and predictability crucial for New Zealand’s carbon zero pathway
  • Canadian RNG developer in deal with BC gas utility

April 2021 - Gasline 154


  • Case study: From grey to blue
  • Gas shortage risks climate goals – Fonterra
  • New generating engines form the heart of a gas power plant
  • Businesses stand ready to work with governmenton climate challenge
  • Marsden Point oil refinery could become green energy hub in bid to future-proof

March 2021 - Gasline 153


  • Further developing biogas and hydrogen key toreaching climate goals, industry says
  • Renewable LPG achieves emissions budgets with noneed to ban new LPG connections
  • Renewable LPG technology crucial component tomeeting CCC’s emissions budget
  • GasNZ Forum 2021
  • New Rockgas GM looking to the future of gas

February 2021 - Gasline 152


  • Combination of heat pumps and EVs willoverburden European electricity distribution networks
  • Renewable LPG is the future for New Zealand
  • European strategy recognises pivotal role of biogasand biomethane in reducing methane emissions
  • There is value in renewable and clean burning gas,industries say
  • Producing hydrogen based on pyrolysis of naturalgas
  • Climate Change Commission calls on NZ to take‘immediate, decisive action’
  • Downstream 2021

January 2021 - Gasline 151


  • Europe makes strides in CCS
  • Propane industry offers renewable LPG amid climate concerns
  • Green Hydrogen: just around the corner?
  • New partnership to accelerate use of renewable DME, decarbonise transportation
  • Unlocking more gas to lower prices

December 2020 - Gasline 150


  • Unlocking gas cleantech’s economic and environmental potential
  • Industry leaders collaborate to solve global energy challenges
  • Global gas industry expecting to rebound quickly in 2021
  • Is RNG a California-only fuel?
  • Clean energy innovation: fact or fantasy?

November 2020 - Gasline 149


  • Keeping options open will help get New Zealand to net zero
  • Cementing her place within Liquigas, confidence in life
  • First dual-fuel LPG conversion completed for Very Large Gas Carrier
  • Firstgas and Hiringa Energy have sights set on advancing green hydrogen, together
  • Federal Government emissions reduction policy

October 2020 - Gasline 148


  • UK Govt proposes tax on gas suppliers to fundgreen gas production plants
  • Norway backs carbon capture and storagescheme
  • Halving the coast to net-zero emissions withhydrogen
  • e-LPG Week
  • International gas-fired power plants turn up theheat
  • Firstgas’ Ahuroa upgrade provides flexible gassupply to support renewable energy

September 2020 - Gasline 147


  • LPG’s role to grow in shipping’s decarbonisation drive
  • Hydrogen’s potential to help UK reach net zero by 2050
  • An opportunity for hydrogen in the aftermath ofthe Tiwai 'earthquake'
  • Gas technology and innovation for a sustainable future
  • New Plymouth’s Wastewater Treatment Plant gets $37m for new thermal dryer

August 2020 - Gasline 146


  • Heating electrification: robbing Peter to pay Paul?
  • Achieving the Paris goal by green hydrogen is apipedream
  • The case for methane pyrolysis
  • Plan for world-leading clean hydrogen plant in the UK
  • Gas NZ: Don’t pick ‘energy winners’ in quest forlow carbon houses

July 2020 - Gasline 145


  • Industry’s ability to adapt impressive with lifereturning to normal
  • Gas goes green: Delivering the pathway to netzero
  • Achieving the Paris goal by Green Hydrogen is apipedream
  • The sustainability value of gas, today and in thefuture
  • International investor partners with NewZealand hydrogen

June 2020 - Gasline 144


  • Challenging time a proud moment for industry
  • UK industry asks government for NationalHydrogen Strategy
  • Women in LPG Announce Woman of the Year andYoung Woman of the Year Awards for 2020!
  • Australia champions gas
  • The Benefits of Gas campaign
  • Scholarships of up to $5,000 for current andaspiring female leaders

May 2020 - Gasline 143


  • Forecast for the energy markets bleak as theworld enters uncharted waters, IEA says
  • “Blue” hydrogen project examines newtechnology with 98 per cent CO2 capture
  • Greening the gas grid
  • Part 2: As costs go down, hydrogen future ‘closerthan we think’
  • ‘What a little ripper’

April 2020 - Gasline 142


  • Part 1: As costs go down, hydrogen future ‘closerthan we think’
  • Make room for LPG as a marine fuel
  • WorkSafe’s approach to LPG compliancecertification during Alert Level 4
  • GasNZ Forum Postponed
  • The gas industry’s mixed bag during lockdown
  • 2019: Another record-breaking year for LPG sales

March 2020 - Gasline 141


  • GasNZ supporting New Zealand’s efforts to reduce its emissions
  • First Gas turns to VR for high-risk pipeline training
  • Support for Australian Hydrogen Centre
  • Dutch company plans to produce enough methane to heat 24,000 homes
  • Energy companions: hydrogen and natural gas

February 2020 - Gasline 140


  • The importance of hydrogen and fuel celltechnologies
  • Fibre ETP’s in LPG cylinder hazardous areasclarified
  • Calling on all political parties to recognise thecontinuing role of gas
  • Updates for two important LPG Codes of Practice
  • New LPGA President confident of future

January 2020 - Gasline 139


  • UK first: Hydrogen injected into gas grid as landmark trial gets underway
  • Gas and electricity sector relationship rapidly changing
  • Reconsidering the use of forest biomass for energy
  • New Zealand’s premier downstream energy industry event
  • European automakers ask EU to adopt neutral approach and consider Autogas
  • Treasure from trash in Southland landfill

December 2019 - Gasline 138


  • GasNZ Forum: LPG in a digital, net zero carbon world
  • GasNZ Forum: transitioning to a low emissions future
  • GasNZ Forum: ‘Engage more actively with the public’
  • Natural gas global demand continues to grow, IEA says
  • Support for natural gas’ role in Australian clean energy transition

November 2019 - Gasline 137


  • Energy Minister: “exciting opportunity for the gas industry”
  • Decarbonising UK energy usage: how feasible is it?
  • GasNZ Forum: challenges and opportunities for gas in 2020
  • GasNZ Forum: achieving a green, affordable energy future
  • GasNZ Forum: the role gas will have after 2030

October 2019 - Gasline 136


  • Venture Taranaki embracing expanded scope
  • Gas and electricity sector relationship rapidly changing
  • Global climate strike – but solutions are in the pipeline
  • Gas businesses’ risk management practices reviewed
  • LPG sales’ continuing growth
  • End of year funding for Women’s Leadership Development available

September 2019 - Gasline 135


  • GasNZ Forum: investigating the energy sector’s biggest questions
  • Forum 2019 Registration
  • ExxonMobil partners up for new carbon capturetech
  • Cooking with Gas: 2018 update
  • Australian industry considers reducing theemissions from gas
  • Gas, renewables and CCS ‘must drivede carbonisation by 2050’

August 2019 - Gasline 134


  • Gas reserves increase 7 percent
  • LPG industry aims for 100 percent transition tobioLPG by 2040
  • Govt must lead the way on electrification,Transpower says
  • Electricity and gas are NZ’s energy future, saysreport
  • GasNZ Forum: investigating the energy sector’s biggest questions

July 2019 - Gasline 133


  • The gas industry has online consumer gas safety resources
  • T&G-backed biogas plant to get PGF support
  • 2019 will be the year of the definitive assertionof LNG as maritime fuel
  • PM appreciates the role gas can play in transition
  • The demo of a Dual Fuel Multiple Unit train in UK

June 2019 - Gasline 132


  • British LPG company releases 2040 low carbon vision
  • ‘World’s largest’ renewable energy storage project proposed for Utah
  • 2019 Gas NZ Forum – Pathways to net zero carbon
  • GANZ responds to MBIE’s options for amending the Gas Act 1992
  • Oasis Engineering provide an overview of the WasteExpo in Las Vegas

May 2019 - Gasline 131


  • CNG public bus fleet burgeons in Bulgaria
  • LPGA becomes a WLPGA member
  • Hydrogen trial a piece of the puzzle for New Zealand’s energy future
  • WorkSafe campaign successful at changing behaviour around gas and electricity
  • New Zealand’s new energy future

April 2019 - Gasline 130


  • LNG trade sets global record
  • 100 percent renewable energy could raise GHG: report
  • India world’s 2nd largest LPG consumer
  • New LPG power plant answer to Honduras island’s energy demands
  • WorkSafe and industry working together for LPG cylinder fill training

March 2019 - Gasline 129


  • New product solves one of life’s great mysteries
  • Critical AS/NZ 1869:2012 needs industry input, re-write
  • LNG’s “great potential” to reduce GHG
  • Hoping 2019 Forum will break records
  • Increased LPG usage, customers’ choice encouraging, says LPGA
  • Gas video gets plenty of views

February 2019 - Gasline 128


  • Manchester Tank is the latest member to join LPGA
  • Claude the Safety Cat proves successful outdoors and indoors
  • The potential value of CCUS to the UK economy
  • An industry of LNG-powered vessels cruises from strength to strength
  • Hydrogen’s role within New Zealand’s low-carbon economy

January 2019 - Gasline 127


  • $30,000 scholarship to help industry players further their career
  • Gas to overtake coal in energy mix by 2030, new report says
  • New import capabilities a critical piece to security of supply
  • New video illustrates gas’ role in a net-zero carbon world
  • UK Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage Project progresses thanks to new partnership

December 2018 - Gasline 126


  • Claude the cat a success
  • WorkSafe’s new Head of High Hazards, Energy and Public Safety – taking on a new adventure
  • LPG has a role to play in NZ’s zero-carbon future, World LPG Association says
  • World Gas Conference shows NZ as out of touch

November 2018 - Gasline 125


  • The future of gas in NZ’s energy mix
  • Near-zero emissions LPG engine put to the test at Californian roadshow
  • Record breaking attendance at this year’s Gas Industry Forum
  • The role of gas infrastructure in a low carbon economy
  • Hydrogen project leads to North of England launch

September 2018 - Gasline 124


  • BAC must include hydrocarbon sector, says National
  • First in first served for any Gas NZ Industry Forum 2018 accommodation
  • Gas has a role in the new Healthy Homes Standards
  • A Gas NZ analysis of the Productivity Commission 'Low-emissions economy' Report
  • Genesis Energy only looking at gas supply up to 2030
  • Natural gas key to balancing the energy trilemma

August 2018 - Gasline 123


  • Contact Energy to sell Rockgas
  • Registrations for Gas NZ 2018 are now open!
  • From petroleum to LPG for newest Board member
  • Global report highlights the unique role gas will play in driving economic development and environmental sustainability
  • Reviewing the PGD Act will be crucial to improving occupational regulation

July 2018 - Gasline 122


  • Gas is a destination fuel for helping advance the energy transition
  • Tauranga based engineering company leading global innovation in Quick Coupler technology
  • Germany to offer subsidies for CNG and LNG trucks
  • Natural gas plant cracks carbon capture
  • Upcoming Gas Industry Forum to build on last year’s successful event

June 2018 - Gasline 121


  • GANZ supports the review of important NZUAG Code
  • Gas is the enabler of the future, National MP says
  • Gas NZ proactively addressing consumer concerns
  • The future role of NZ's extensive gas network to go under the microscope
  • WLPGA discuss how industry and government can cooperate to benefit consumers

May 2018 - Gasline 120


  • Analysis shows the implications of switching our demand from gas to electricity
  • Bio-LPG, a lower carbon alternative for the UK’s transport and logistics market
  • Gas consumers safe from Government ban
  • LNG: the maritime industry’s fuel of the future
  • LPGA’s Beauty of Gas website campaign proving successful

April 2018 - Gasline 119


  • New chief executive appointed to GIC helm
  • GasNZ announces their Annual Conference for 2018
  • Fiat provides new Autogas models as alternatives to diesel in Germany
  • New Zealand to present a new perspective at the IGEM Young Person’s Paper Competition
  • New Zealand Oil & Gas’ stake on Kohatukai

March 2018 - Gasline 118


  • 2017 – a popular year for LPG in New Zealand
  • BioLPG – a new method for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Financial aid offered to those using 'cleaner' cars in France
  • New and improved joint standard for NZ 'significant' for gas industry
  • Update on the progress of the GANZ Certificate of Competence and Qualifications Framework review

February 2018 - Gasline 117


  • Canterbury students investigate the effectiveness of LPG cylinder seismic restraint
  • New gas recapture technology reducing environmental impacts and enhancing safety for the LPG industry
  • OnGas unveils first of its kind filling plant
  • WorkSafe Energy Safety Summer Campaign 2017-2018, a social success!

December 2017 - Gasline 116


  • Downstream gas supports Government’s wider energy policy
  • Aussies identify role of gas in low carbon future: NZ to follow suit?
  • Gas NZ Forum, the biggest turn out yet
  • A 'consumer focus' for the new President of the LPGA
  • LPG Hybrid Taxis – Japan taking the lead, with Hong Kong following suit

October 2017 - Gasline 115


  • LPG has lowest ozone level, according to recent European study
  • Gas industry goes digital with promotional campaign
  • International Gas Union comes to town
  • Lack of funding stops industries pursuing joint Australia and New Zealand Standards
  • Sales of LPG in New Zealand increase despite tough year

September 2017 - Gasline 114


  • "Chance the puppet" takes to the world stage
  • The future of gas in New Zealand – a teaser
  • Process heat plan driving the uptake of renewable energy in New Zealand
  • RMA reform simplifies hazardous substance controls
  • The benefits and challenges of a joint trans-Tasman Standard

August 2017 - Gasline 113


  • 10 year gas reserve not relevant to residential consumers
  • Gas and electricity safety campaign promoting safer New Zealand homes
  • Gas 101 making a comeback for the gas industry
  • The role of gas in a low carbon future? Who’s got the answer?
  • World LPG Association “Charter of Benefits” highlights LPG portability as a vital component of New Zealand energy.

July 2017 - Gasline 112


  • Consumer survey shows interesting results on efficiency of gas fireplaces compared to wood fires
  • Update from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Gas Training Committee (GTC)
  • EECA to use gas levy funding for gas efficiency projects
  • WorkSafe launch timely energy safety campaign
  • Gas industry supports Emirates Team New Zealand

June 2017 - Gasline 111


  • Gas NZ Industry Forum 2017
  • New report says the city of Leeds can be converted from natural gas to 100% hydrogen
  • OnGas staffer wins national health and safety award for innovative idea
  • Gas NZ Industry Forum to include debate on the role of gas in a zero carbon future
  • Varsity students to study methods of securing 45kg cylinders

May 2017 - Gasline 110


  • New gas-fired power station to be built in Tihiroa
  • Gas industry says goodbye to veteran
  • New Chief Executive takes over reins at EECA
  • Gas Industry Co presents papers on gas metering issues
  • Genesis Energy purchases Nova Energy’s retail LPG business

April 2017 - Gasline 109


  • Autogas taxis facing final trials in London
  • Homestar Ratings guide to be amended
  • Introducing The Gas Hub's smart new website
  • Concerns over NZ’s largest longitudinal study
  • Gas industry seeking talks with the Government

March 2017 - Gasline 108


  • Single code submissions received and analysed
  • Industry goes under the spotlight for CCMP exercise
  • Industry’s leaking valve solution
  • Plans in the pipeline to build largest aboveground LPG storage tank
  • Marrakech to host 30th World LPG Forum

February 2017 - Gasline 107


  • Future energy markets will be different, says GIC
  • Natural gas consumption to grow by 50 percent by 2040
  • Joint Association submission highlights role for gas in new energy strategy
  • Gas a boon to economy
  • Underground cylinders given the safety tick in NZ

December 2016 - Gasline 106


  • Cross-party group to unlock NZ's mitigation opportunities
  • Automotive LPG helps Fijians mitigate climate change
  • Excerpts from forum presentations
  • LPG to play increasing role in humanitarian settings
  • Gas network withstands Kaikoura earthquake

November 2016 - Gasline 105


  • NZ’s gas story to hit the road
  • Industry forum highlights prospects of gas
  • New GANZ Board member well equipped for role
  • EECA appoints new Chief Executive
  • NZ Downstream 2017: the new energy future
  • Strong global LPG production, says latest stats

October 2016 - Gasline 104


  • A collaborative new platform – Gas NZ website
  • NZ gas market’s future uncertain but that won’t affect consumers
  • Energy demand up for 2015
  • Industry is in good shape
  • Single code in the pipeline

September 2016 - Gasline 103


  • First Gas improving models for customers' benefit
  • Kapuni plant helping scientists in world first
  • EECA Chief Executive to retire
  • Latest figures continue to show gas in positive light
  • Old Chch gas mains to be treated with caution
  • A call to action – register for Queenstown forum

August 2016 - Gasline 102


  • Latest New Zealand Gas Story is 'one of change'
  • First Gas fills important management role
  • EECA Chief Executive to retire
  • Only forum dedicated to gas industry around the corner
  • EECA database estimates NZ’s energy use
  • Campaign focuses on using gas safely

July 2016 - Gasline 101


  • Gas has a bright future in NZ
  • Rinnai shows innovation in another area
  • Report shows gas is beneficial in household and industrial heating
  • Website optimisation helps get best domestic gas information to consumers
  • Powerco upgrades Palmerston North gas supply

June 2016 - Gasline 100


  • Don’t miss out on accommodation for Queenstown forum
  • Kennedy Education Trust helps pay for engineering degree
  • Emergency response planning workshop confirmed for Forum
  • LPG and natural gas as alternative energy sources for the Pacific
  • First Gas to bring new perspective to GANZ board

April 2016 - Gasline 99


  • Nanette Moreau appointed to act as EGCC commissioner
  • Industry experts working together on contaminants concern
  • Plan ahead for the upcoming Queenstown forum
  • Experience of Standards Approval Board help shape new system
  • Important changes with new MHF Regulations

March 2016 - Gasline 98


  • WLPGA Oceania Regional Summit - Registration Open
  • Future looks positive as Albert de Geest takes LPGA helm
  • Gas industry is issued a challenge for the future
  • Progress with gas appliance standards
  • Growth of positive sales figures continues
  • Standards NZ becomes part of MBIE
  • Vector strikes a multi-million-dollar deal

February 2016 - Gasline 97


  • Introducing the LPGA's new board member: Neil Beeslaar
  • New Resource Management Act to create savings for ratepayers and gas industry
  • WLPGA Oceania Regional Summit
  • Free training for health and safety reps
  • EGCC Commissioner to leave

December 2015 - Gasline 96


  • Gas Industry Forum a hit once again
  • New appointment to the EECA board
  • Notifying situations of immediate danger
  • EECA Awards to celebrate New Zealand’s best energy-saving projects in 2016
  • Merry Christmas from the LPGA and GANZ!

November 2015 - Gasline 95


  • Kiwi panellist shares views at World LPG forum
  • New member for GANZ
  • Christchurch City Council told to follow Crown’s judgement on substance controls
  • New gas measurement standard published
  • Innovating in a new environment

October 2015 - Gasline 94


  • PGDB building relationships with new stakeholder liaison group
  • International LPG manager training opportunity
  • Proposal for a new form of continuing professional development
  • No place for hazardous substance controls in Christchurch district plan
  • Contaminants in LPG appliances

September 2015 - Gasline 93


  • Bright future ahead for LPG
  • PGDB appoints new chief executive
  • The Gas Hub is feeling better all over
  • Gas safety campaign a hit
  • Smooth sailing for EGCC Scheme

August 2015 - Gasline 92


  • Gearing up for the 2015 Gas Industry Forum
  • Unitary plan submission a success
  • Australian gas industry players have lots to learn from Kiwis
  • Standards restructure on the horizon
  • Transport Fuels and Fleet Management Summit set to spin industry’s wheels

July 2015 - Gasline 91


  • Sales trends rising for ENERGY STAR products
  • NZ gas industry regulation and safety regimes of interest to overseas players
  • World Gas Conference debates industry's future
  • Plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers' registration and licensing requirements go under review
  • Working in potentially explosive areas? Learn from the experts

June 2015 - Gasline 90


  • New training committee to benefit gas industry
  • Lower-tier hazardous site regulations too tight, says LPGA
  • Powerco upgrading Newtown gas supply
  • New Zealand gas safety and regulation standards "impressive"
  • SELMA sniffs out gas leaks to keep the country safe

May 2015 - Gasline 89


  • United voice vital to gas industry development
  • Michael Woodhouse – Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety
  • New gas district regulator station to be built soon in East Tamaki
  • Labour Energy spokesperson on board with LPG and Gas Associations
  • 2015 Coatings and Corrosion conference addressing key economic issues

April 2015 - Gasline 88


  • LPGA has agreed its objectives for 2015
  • In Memoriam: RIP Ross McLennan
  • Stuart Nash - Labour's Spokesman on Energy
  • Hamilton gas network improvement programme complete
  • New online video updates gasfitters on gas safety requirements

March 2015 - Gasline 87


  • GANZ visits Australia for technical forum
  • Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure Programme
  • Introducing new LPGA board member, Peter Kimber
  • Alternative fuel system wins 2014 WLPGA Innovation Award
  • LPGA and GANZ support Health and Safety Reform Bill

February 2015 - Gasline 86


  • LPGA welcomes new board member
  • Commissioner confident about industry complaints process
  • Middle East LP Gas Summit 2015
  • Gas industry qualifications under review
  • LPGA and GANZ support Health and Safety Reform Bill

December 2014 - Gasline 85


  • Energy Minister optimistic about gas industry
  • WorkSafe New Zealand – priorities for 2014-15
  • New Beauty of Gas Chairman
  • This year's Forum a great success
  • Standards AG001 progressing well

November 2014 - Gasline 84


  • Vector gas pipelines relocated for new Kapiti highway
  • ChCh recognises the beauty of gas
  • New committee to benefit industry workers
  • New Electrix exams a huge success
  • Powerco / Genesis Energy gas smart meter trial

October 2014 - Gasline 83


  • Code review heralds even greater efficiencies
  • Gas users get safety advice
  • Paul Swain heads Utilities group
  • Queenstown beckons
  • Numbers look good for LPG industry

September 2014 - Gasline 82


  • Government Revises Gas Reserves Upwards by 31 per cent
  • New Codes of Practice
  • New Member for the LPGA
  • UK LPG Pleased with report on Future Fuels

August 2014 - Gasline 81


  • Vitally Important To Get WorkSafe NZ HSNO Regulations Right
  • Demand for LPG Alternative Reaches New High In the UK
  • Long Term Gas Supply and Demand Scenarios
  • New Member for GANZ
  • New Member for the LPGA

July 2014 - Gasline 80


  • Gas Industry and Politics
  • CNG Bus tested in Mexico City
  • NZ Fuels Summit in Auckland
  • New Promotional Programme
  • Improving the safety of gas appliances and installations

June 2014 - Gasline 79


  • Gas NZ Competition in the NZ Herald
  • New standard on storage and handling of LPG
  • Australia's AGL Energy to Roll Out CNG Infrastructure
  • LPGA lobbying getting results
  • Gas fuelled trains in the US

May 2014 - Gasline 78


  • Introducing New LPGA President Tony Smith
  • Gas NZ Competition in the NZ Herald draws large number of entries
  • Gas hot water a hit on more and more dairy farms
  • Energy Excellence Awards
  • Beauty of Gas Facebook competition update

April 2014 - Gasline 77


  • New Beauty of Gas Website and Facebook competition a success
  • Escea wins access to European market
  • New Chairman for GANZ
  • Final consultation on Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying qualifications
  • Heads Up for Gas NZ Forum 2014

March 2014 - Gasline 76


  • Introducing New LPGA board member Dean Golding
  • Big changes for Beauty of Gas Website
  • AG001 committee meets in Wellington
  • Updated EECA tool showing how New Zealanders use energy
  • Review of the NZUAG code of practice for Utility Operator’s Access to Transport Corridors

February 2014 - Gasline 75

feb2014-gasline.pdf (2.5 MB PDF).

  • Introducing David Whitfield
  • NZ one of the few remaining oil and gas frontiers
  • Gas Industry Qualifications Review
  • Multi-million dollar smart meters deal
  • Rivercity Gas - a new member for the LPGA

December 2013 - Gasline 74

gasline-dec2013.pdf (2.6 MB PDF).

  • Energy Safety and WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Autogas emissions compare favourably against other fuels
  • New equipment for Aber
  • New Zealand Downstream 2014
  • Updating Appliance Safety Standards

November 2013 - Gasline 73

gasline-nov2013.pdf (2.6 MB PDF).

  • 2013 Gas NZ Industry Forum a great success
  • Gas NZ launches expanded campaign
  • General Motors to sell a car powered by natural gas
  • New member for the LPGA
  • Oil and Gas symposium in Hastings

October 2013 - Gasline 72

gasline-oct2013.pdf (2.6 MB PDF).

  • Gas Industry meets with Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges
  • Gas supplier to the Pacific gets a new customer in the Cook Islands
  • Gas hot water cheapest according to new Energywise tool
  • Gas spot market competition
  • LPGA welcomes a new Executive Committee Member

September 2013 - Gasline 71

GasNZ-September2013.pdf (2.97 MB PDF).

  • Progress report on the new safety campaign for consumers
  • New Member KCE
  • New home building consents reach a five year high in the second quarter
  • Hot off the press – the agenda for the 2013 Gas NZ Industry Forum
  • New Energy Minister talks to Gasline

July 2013 - Gasline 70

GasNZ-July2013.pdf (2.8 MB PDF).

  • New gas hot water system designed just for New Zealand dairy farmers
  • Gas Industry looking up
  • Gas NZ Industry Forum 2013
  • Gas warms up the House of Grace
  • Old wells get a new lease of life

June 2013 - Gasline 69

GasNZ-June2013.pdf (2.97 MB PDF).

  • Gas Industry in great shape
  • Jump in LPG sales
  • Happy winners!
  • New drilling rig in town
  • New Safety Campaign for Consumers

May 2013 - Gasline 68

GasNZ-May2013.pdf (2.97 MB PDF).

  • Gas is the answer for most new build situations
  • The Beauty of Gas competition a winner!
  • LPG to the rescue – Australian style
  • GANZ Board gets new member
  • Two new Association members

November 2012 - Gasline 67

GasNZ-Nov2012.pdf (3.93 MB PDF).

  • Benchmarks bring major improvements in retail gas contract arrangements
  • Gas NZ moves to next phase
  • New ENERGY STAR rating for gas heaters to be introduced in 2013
  • Results from the Gas NZ industry forum survey are in!
  • Autogas the way of the future?

October 2012 - Gasline 66

GasNZ-October2012.pdf (.5 MB PDF).

  • LPG automotive excise duty to be questioned
  • Holden Commodore SV-6 LPG gets a glowing review
  • Gas Industry Forum a success
  • Heating campaign educates LPG users
  • Gas and electrical certifications updated

August 2012 - Gasline 65

GasNZ-August2012.pdf (2.95 MB PDF).

  • PCE’s report finds fault with solar water heating in the home
  • Labour acknowledges the value of gas
  • LPG becoming preferred option in Europe
  • Gasfitting certification to be updated
  • Survey shows LPGA performing well

July 2012 - Gasline 64

GasNZ-July2012.pdf (2.6 MB PDF).

  • BureauCo’s software gets Nova Energy’s gas pipe locations online
  • LPG central heating performance to be enhanced
  • Cold weather encourages gas sales
  • Winner of Beauty of Gas competition thrilled with prizes
  • Gas NZ Industry Forum Planning Update

June 2012 - Gasline 63

GasNZ-June2012.pdf (2.8 MB PDF).

  • LPG a hit in the South Pacific
  • LPG Association Challenges Dunedin City Council’s District Plan LPG Requirements
  • The Beauty of Gas competitions a great success!
  • Automotive LPG preferred by taxi drivers
  • Gas Equipment Suppliers Group suggests changes to E3

May 2012 - Gasline 62

gasline62.pdf (1.53 MB PDF).

  • The updated 'Direct Use of Gas Report' is coming your way soon
  • Beauty of Gas website sees more visitors than ever before
  • Major cab company moves to LPG
  • New on-line customer tool for Vector's residential gas customers
  • The hot water cupboard is a thing of the past

April 2012 - Gasline 61

gasline61.pdf (1.78 MB PDF).

  • Save the date for the Gas New Zealand Forum
  • David Robinson profile
  • New flexible hose standard launched
  • Commodore gets the dedicated gas treatment
  • Deadline to comply with LPG rules

February 2012 - Gasline 60

gasline60.pdf (1.87 MB PDF).

  • Certification for a safer industry
  • Is Dunedin missing a trick?
  • Meet the President
  • New Trustees welcomed to KEST
  • Deal to bring up to $860m into Taranaki

December 2011 - Gasline 59

gasline59.pdf (1.56 MB PDF).

  • New energy and resources minister announced
  • Despite pipeline crisis, Fonterra defends gas
  • LPG supply and demand for the future
  • Reigniting the gas story
  • Reducing fuel running costs

November 2011 - Gasline 58

gasline58.pdf (1.68 MB PDF).

  • DUOG: a politician's viewpoint
  • First-ever Gas New Zealand industry forum generates big turnout

July 2011 - Gasline 57

gasline57.pdf (2.51 MB PDF).

  • Research shows gas is popular with Kiwis
  • Natural gas vehicle policy assumptions introduced
  • Get natural gas connected for free
  • LPG used to power hybrid 'smart house'
  • Gas NZ launches new website
  • Gas NZ Forum breaks new ground
  • Flat tank makes breakthrough
  • Follow us on Twitter

May 2011 - Gasline 56

gasline56.pdf (1.34 MB PDF).

  • Plan for gas in Christchurch re-build
  • Kiwis urged to service their gas appliances
  • Meeting with Minister pr

March 2011 - Gasline 55

gasline55.pdf (1.54 MB PDF).

  • Black Carbon a major cause of climate change
  • New Gas Hub helps promote benefits of natural gas
  • Breakfast with gas
  • Worlds gas estimates double
  • Kiwi fireplace makes good in the US
  • Gasfitting certification and fees review

December 2010 - Gasline 54

gasline54.pdf (2.71 MB PDF).

  • Industry, consumers win from HSNO re-assessment
  • 2010 Industry Forum
  • Gas regulations update
  • New code to follow re-assessment
  • Association consulting on customer swap protocol
  • Gasfitting certification and fees review

April 2010 - Gasline 52

gasline52.pdf (2 MB PDF).

  • Gas water heating gets big tick from GIC
  • Kupe to provide remedy, says new President
  • Thanks for the memories
  • Welcome to new members
  • LPGA delivering on expectations
  • ERMA initiates its own HSNO re-assessment
  • HSNO process rolls out
  • New Act comes into effect
  • GM still hot on LPG

October 2009 - Gasline 51

gasline51.pdf (2 MB PDF).

  • Parliament barbeque promotes LPG safety
  • LPG Association 2009 Industry Forum
  • The LPGA: Where to from here?
  • Direct use of gas messages promote consumer decision
  • New codes of practice come on stream
  • Concerns raised over cylinder filling compliance
  • Cabinet heater review draws closer

May 2009 - Gasline 50

gasline50.pdf (1 MB PDF).

  • Local LPG production set to increase
  • New findings on gas/ LPG water heaters
  • Minister interested in DUOG issues
  • Budget 2009 provides opportunities for DUOG
  • Commitment to standards recognised
  • Grounds for HSNO re-assessment confirmed
  • Vector and NZOG sign LPG agreement
  • Next stage for online testing system
  • Forum 2009 to be held in capital

December 2008 - Gasline 49

gasline49.pdf (1 MB PDF).

  • ULPG certifi cation could be the answer for LPG appliances under TTMRA
  • Associations plan advocacy programme to lobby Government
  • Test certifier regime under review
  • Conference 2008 Highlights

October 2008 - Gasline 48

gasline48.pdf (2.13 MB PDF).

  • LPG fire training facility launched
  • Gas rebate for Queenslanders
  • Online accreditation and testing system gets green light
  • Cabinet safety message out again
  • Cost-eff ective alternative to high maintenance boiler systems
  • Conference 2008 Thursday 30 & Friday 31 October, Christchurch

July 2008 - Gasline 47

gasline47.pdf (2.13 MB PDF).

  • New report reinforces benefits of fuel switching to ‘gas’
  • LPG Association celebrates double GPS victory
  • International LPG prices
  • Government goes for natural gas and LPG
  • Industry practice guides well underway
  • Leading car engineer calls for Aussies to use LPG
  • LPG endorsed on TV’s Homesick
  • Wairarapa considers Resource Management trigger limits

December 2007 - Gasline 46

gasline46.pdf (1563 Kb PDF).

  • LPGA's lobbying successful
  • EECA/DBH websites to include DUOG
  • LPGA Conference 25 & 26 October 2007 Hamilton/Conference highlights
  • New LPGA President - Albert de Geest
  • Emissions trading scheme update
  • LPG-powered BMW smashes world record
  • Ray Ferner rejoins executive
  • New look for Association’s website
  • And new premises too!

September 2007 - Gasline 45

gasline45.pdf (2573 Kb PDF).

  • LPGA supports new hot water energy efficiency proposals
  • Contact completes purchase of Rockgas
  • Point of Sale Leaflets Promote Benefits of LPG
  • Cabinet heater safety
  • LPG appliances change lives in Taumaranui warm homes pilot
  • Christchurch Sustainable Energy Strategy overlooks benefits of LPG
  • Conference update
  • ABERGAS: spreading the word
  • Site trainer database
  • Smart heating options should include gas
  • Energy Strategy could limit exploration

June 2007 - Gasline 44

gasline44.pdf (953 Kb PDF).

  • Govt. energy strategy recognises role for LPG
  • LPGA pushes for changes to HSNO regs
  • New research shows major electricity savings from more direct use of gas
  • Another tax break for auto LPG
  • Low lake levels sound power shortage warning
  • Aussie incentives drive LPG demand
  • Be SMART - save the planet and your wallet
  • BOC expands in NZ
  • Demand for LPG increases again
  • LPG heating to help combat Otago air pollution?

January 2007 - Gasline 43

gasline43.pdf (620 Kb PDF).

  • LPG may get bigger role in next energy strategy
  • LPGA gets runs on the policy board in 2006
  • LPG demand up again in buoyant market
  • New gas and electricity laws get green light
  • LPG good value for money, says MTA
  • Safety the key at new Wiri LPG depot
  • Lines company backs LPG use

February 2006 - Gasline 40

gasline40.pdf (620 Kb PDF).

  • Electricity Commission to consider role for LPG in load displacement
  • New Association executive elected
  • LPGA conference best yet
  • Ministry's home heating report ranks gas options
  • New CEO at Liquigas
  • LPG gains traction with officials
  • LPGA changes focus to support industry's strategic positioning
  • Driver's League: A winning tool for Shell Gas
  • New gas heater is 92% efficient
  • Owen Poole recognised with award
  • Minister outlines National Energy Strategy for New Zealand
  • EECA reviews energy efficiency strategy
  • The USA LPG market: Some facts and figures
  • Arrowtown gets 'mains gas'