The Speakers


John Kidd Director
Head of Research,
Challenges & Opportunities for Gas

Matt Burgess
Econsultant and writer
Acheiving an Affordable, Reliable and Green Energy Future

Barbara Jinks
Director Government
Relations, Gas Infrastructure
What is the Role of Gas after 2030 (and what are going to do about it)

Gabriel Selischi
SVP Asia Pacific, OMV
OMV’s Plans to Reduce Environmental Impact

Paul Goodeve
Chief Executive, First Gas
Low Carbon Gas

Chris Jewell
CFO, Genesis Energy
 Genesis' Future Gen Programme

Tony Oosten
ustainable Energy & Utilities
Group Manager, Fonterra
Fonterra’s Roadmap to Decarbonisation
John Johnson
Regional Manager Geogas Trading Pty
LPG Pricing & Shipping Trends

Kaarin Gaukrodger
GM Customer Engagement, Connexis
Women in High Vis

David Tyler
Director, World LPG
LPG in a Digital Net Zero Carbon World

Graham Alexander
Principal, Zander Services
Updating Gas Industry Qualifications & CoC Framework

Albert de Geest
CE, Liquigas
LPG 2050 Brainstorm

Phil Rennie
Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of NZ
A Vision for Natural Gas in New Zealand
Pamela Walklin
General Manager, National New Energy Development Centre Establishment
Transitioning to a Low Emissions Future
Lee Parkinson
Strategic Director, Strategy Creative
Keep Talking I Can’t Hear You

Paul Mitchell
Principal Adviser, Regulation Branch, Commerce Commission
Risk Management Review Results

John Carnegie
Executive Director, BusinessNZ Energy Council
Thursday Panel Facilitator
A few observations



Presentations from this year's forum are now available for download.  Simply click on the link associated with each speakers photo to view a pdf copy of their presentation

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