Natural Gas Transmission


Owned by First Gas, there are over 3,400 km of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines (including the Maui pipeline) in the North Island.

Connected to these are more than 11,600 km of intermediate-, medium-, and low-pressure gas distribution pipeline networks connected to the high-pressure system.


Natural gas is distributed through the pipelines by distributors, called network operators:

Vector Powerco Nova Energy Gas Net Firstgas


Gas retailers (listed below) purchase gas from a gas wholesaler and sell it to consumers. They contract its delivery through the transmission system and the distribution system to the installations point of supply. The retailer will arrange for a meter to be installed, if one is not already present, and will bill you for the gas used through this meter.

At the initial installation stage, a Gas Certification Certificate is required. The property owner is responsible for all pipelines and connections after the meter on their properties and for the safety of their installation as certified by the gasfitter.

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