Safety and Reliability Programme

The GANZ Safety and Reliability programme provides a structured basis to assist member companies to develop, maintain and improve performance within a light-handed and co-regulatory environment.

It is based on establishing industry-led initiatives requiring minimum government intervention, to facilitate best business practice and demonstrate compliance, competence and credibility.

The overall aim is to maximise safety and reliability for the product, the public and the workforce, while minimising compliance costs.

The current programme covers the following main work areas:

Safety Management Systems
Ongoing development and refinement of overarching SMS framework for network, GMS and retailing activities including the identification of core competencies, and establishment of performance reporting, KPIs, audits and assessments.

Technical protocols
Preparation of protocols for new connections, reconnections, incidents, information exchange, auditing, gas retailing etc to establish industry minimum best practice.

Contingency Planning
Support for and co-ordination with national and regional civil defence and emergency planning programmes.

Review of accidents and incidents
This includes an in depth review of damage to the gas infrastructure through third party damage.

Consultation, liaison, monitoring and submissions on energy related legislative developments to maintain the light handed performance based regime.

Technical Support
Preparation of Industry Standards and codes of practice, implementation of consumer awareness programmes, reporting on and reviewing incidents and accidents, working with downstream partners to ensure installation and appliance compliance and general technical advice.

Standards representation
Representing the NZ gas industry and gas suppliers on standards committees both in New Zealand and Australia (for joint Australia and New Zealand standards).