Application for Membership

Applications to join GANZ are made in writing to the Board. The following is an extract from the Board’s constitution outlining the formal process:

(a) All applications for any class of Membership (apart from Life Membership) shall be made to the Board in writing as prescribed by the Board from time to time;

(b) If an application is accepted, the applicant shall be advised as soon as practicable by the Secretary and shall thereupon, be enrolled as a Member and become liable for such subscriptions and levies as may be appropriate;

(c) If an application is declined, the applicant shall be advised as soon as practicable by the Secretary and the application fee (if any) shall be refunded to the applicant;

(d) Paid up members of the Gas Appliance Suppliers Association Incorporated as at 30 September 2004 shall automatically become Full Members of the Association under category (f) (“Gas Equipment Suppliers”) on and from 1 October 2004.

To the Board of the Gas Association of New Zealand Inc

C/- Executive Director
PO Box 25-414
Wellington 6146

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Classes of Membership

Full Membership shall be open to any of the following category of companies or individuals;

(a) Gas Wholesaler

(b) Gas Retailer

(c) Owner or Operator of Transmission Pipelines

(d) Owner or Operator of Distribution Networks and/or related assets

(e) Major Gas User

(f) Gas Equipment Suppliers

(g) Gas Network Contractor

(h) Any other Interested Party

Affiliate membership shall be open to Associations, Institutes and/or Societies engaged in activities associated with the gas industry, either directly or indirectly, with the intention of formalising that membership within a Memorandum of Understanding.

Associate membership shall be open to any person and/or entity engaged in any activity associated with the gas industry either directly or indirectly.