Energy Safety

Energy Safety, part of WorkSafe New Zealand, is the regulator for ensuring the safe supply and use of electricity and gas in New Zealand, and is responsible for the administration and development of the Gas Act, Regulations and New Zealand Gas Codes of practice relating to safety, and quality and measurement of gas.

The service promotes safety, measurement and quality in the supply and use of fuel gases in New Zealand by audits, surveys and the investigation of accidents. The information gained by this work is used to improve legislation, standards and work practices, or in the promotion of safety.

Its primary role is to create an environment that promotes good and accurate information flows between suppliers and consumers so that consumers can transact with confidence, and to create an environment where there is public and consumer confidence in the safe supply and use of energy.

The Energy Safety website provides information on gas legislation and policy, appliances and fittings, installations and networks, and safe living with natural gas and LPG.