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LPG, now a renewable energy resource
The role LPG plays in New Zealand’s energy mix, according to Rockgas’ newest owners
Tokyo to become a ‘hydro-society’ thanks to Australian power strategy group
LPG, now a renewable energy resource

Scientists have developed a new biosynthetic process that indirectly converts sunlight to propane (LPG), according to a recent blog post by Elgas.

According to the blog, there is an existing market for LPG as it is easier and less expensive to liquefy than other gaseous fuels, such as methane and hydrogen. It also requires minimal energy to separate the propane from the natural process.

Scientists created a genetically engineered version of E. coli bacteria. When the bacteria consume sugar, the E coli is tricked through genetic modification. With the help of enzymes, the bacteria make propane instead of their normal cellular material.

This renewable propane can be used exactly like the traditionally derived fossil fuel version and is suitable for anything you would use regular LPG for, from autogas to home gas appliances.

However, this work is still in its early stages, and there is more work to be done before biosynthetic LPG becomes commercially feasible. It is estimated it will be another 10 years before the process goes into commercial production.

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