The Speakers


John Kidd Director,
Head of Research,
Woodward Partners

Andrew Caseley
Chief Executive

Andrew Eagles
Chief Executive
Green Building Council

Stuart Dickson
General Manager Gas,

Ben Gerritsen
General Manager Commercial and
Regulation First Gas

Stephen Jay
General Manager
Grid Development Transpower

Marc England
Chief Executive
Genesis Energy

Phil Parkes
Chief Operating Officer
WorkSafe NZ

Micahel Tong
Gas Asset Analyst

Warring Neilsen
Manager Corporate Affairs
Elgas Australia

Stella Matthews
H21 Officer
Northern Gas Networks, UK

Albert de Geest
Chief Executive

David Tyler
World LPG
Association Director

Nicolas Vessiot
Gas Asset Strategy manager Powerco

Discussion panel facilitator.


John Hancock Signature Consulting

The Panel


John Carnegie
Executive Director
Business NZ
Energy Council

Paul Goodeve
Chief Executive,
First Gas

Andy Knight
Chief executive,
Gas Industry Company

Paul Young
Generation Zero

Fascinating insights into the future of NZ’s downstream gas industry

If you thought you knew the NZ downstream gas industry inside and out, you may want to think again.

This year’s Gas Industry Forum promises to provide new insights.

Do you want to know about options for decarbonising gas networks? Register for our Forum now.

Keen to learn how LPG can remain relevant in today’s highly disruptive markets? Register now.

What’s the future for gas in NZ's energy mix? What does our energy future look like from the electricity transmission perspective? How we are going to run our buildings in future?

Join us at the 2018 Gas Industry Forum to find answers to those and other questions, plus a host of other engaging industry issues, including a run-down on the happenings at the 27th World Gas Conference and a whole raft of other insights from leading figures in the energy world.

Check out the agenda and secure your place now

The highlight panel discussion will this year tackle the topic "What should the gas industry look like in 2030?''. It will again be an entertaining and challenging debate facilitated by John Hancock, and the panelists will be Paul Goodeve, CE of First Gas; John Carnegie, CE Business NZ Energy Council; Andy Knight, CE of the Gas Industry Company and Paul Young of Generation Zero.

Oh, and don’t forget the recreational events, which this year include:

  • An Ambrose golf tournament at the Boulcott Farm Golf Course.
  • Skeet and target shooting at Ohariu Farm.
  • A visit to the Weta Workshop studios

With a decent mix of business and pleasure, the 2018 Gas Industry Forum is a must-attend conference. Register now and we’ll see you there.

For more information please contact me on 04 914 1765 or email We look forward to welcoming you and your company to the 2018 Gas New Zealand Industry Forum.