Industry Training

The Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) works with industry based experts; the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA); the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC); and training providers to provide industry with work based training and career pathways.

MITO's gas qualifications are designed to provide people working in the gas industry with the skills they need to deal with the critical health, safety, environmental and business demands of their operations.

The Gas Qualification Pathway offers a range of qualifications from Levels 2-6 on the National Qualifications Framework. Many of the qualifications allow learners to specialise by choosing qualifications specifically related to their role and industry, including: Distribution and Network Construction and Operations.

Some qualifications are aligned to the NZ Gas Industry Certificate of Competency (CoC) Criteria and Framework for Reticulated Gas (Natural Gas and/or LPG) Distribution and Gas Measurement System (GMS), which allows trainees to gain industry CoCs while also achieving national qualifications.

The GANZ Gas Training Committee was established in 2015 to work with the industry and MITO to ensure appropriate training, qualifications and competency management arrangements are in place to promote a safe and efficient industry workforce.