Certificates of Competence

Certificates of Competence, which are based on the Energy Safety Review Bill, have been formally adopted by the industry as the minimum requirements for those working in the Distribution and Gas Measurement System (GMS) sectors. These must be carried at all times by operatives as proof they can undertake the prescribed level of work.

Those who pass level one are able to work as trainees; level two as trades operative assistants; level three as trades operatives; and level four as technicians. Level three is the minimum competency level required to work unsupervised on gas distribution and GMS networks.

To apply for a new CoC or to apply to renew your CoC, please use this application form. Please contact certificates@mito.org.nz if you have any questions about CoC applications.  The cost of issuing a Gas CoC card is $30.60 (GST inclusive).  There is an industry requirement for refresher training to be completed prior to renewal.